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Debt Consolidation Leads are generated and sold to both attorneys who handle debt consolidation, debt mediation and debt negotiation and to debt consolidation companies. Debt consolidation is big business these days and thousands of companies have emerged on the internet to attract consumers and commercial entities that require help with reducing their debt to more manageable financial terms. If your company is looking  to purchase debt consolidation leads and requires hundreds or even thousands of high quality leads per week, can provide your company with as many leads as you need. Our leads go through a Q&A process in order to filter out the leads that would not bring the high closing rates that our clients are accustomed to. The return on your investment is unbelievably high and we have no minimum purchase requirements. Getting fresh leads is in important. You don't want leads that are days or even weeks old. The closing rate on those aged leads is very low. With, you receive your leads in real time as the consumer or commercial entity completes the online form. You don't have to come to our site and search through picked over leads, the leads according to your specifications are sent to you as they come in. High closing rates with high quality leads from

Our staff can customize a program to fit your needs regardless of whether you want 25 leads a month or 500 leads a week. With large law firms that generally practice in many different states, has the ability to provide thousands of leads per month.  We are flexible in the campaigns that we run and our main goal is to provide your firm with quality leads that you can convert to sales. Should your firm receive any leads with incorrect contact information or the quality of the lead is suspect, our Lead Guarantee protects you from having to pay for them.

We do not publish our lead prices as there are inherent problems with doing so. Some clients want special data collected, which in turn, causes a higher price per lead. Other clients want hundreds of leads per week and because they buy so many leads per week they naturally want a discount per lead. While others only want 10 to 20 leads a month which would fall into yet another pricing category, so you see, one price does not fit all. In essence, we base our reasonable rates on the complexities of the client's campaign, the volume of leads to be purchased, how often the leads are purchased and the work involved to undertake such a campaign. Please call us at 800-648-1914 to discuss pricing of your campaign.

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