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Lead Guarantee - Our guarantee to your company includes making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the leads that you have purchased from us. No matter what the problem is, will ensure that the leads we provide you with are of high quality, provide the correct contact information, have asked to be contacted for the reason indicated and are within the coverage area that was provided by your company in the campaign. All leads are checked for adequate information and completeness before submitting to the client. Partially completed leads are never sent to the client but are discarded due to their lack of information. Closing rates are highly contingent on the person or persons who are contacting the individuals or companies to offer their services but our clients tell us that they are very pleased with their closing rates so this has never been an issue for our company. Our leads are fresh and in real time and have never been sent to any other company to work. We provide your company with daily leads that are sent to you the day we receive them from our many different sources across the internet. wants to have a longstanding relationship with your company, so you can be rest assured, we will do what it takes to keep your business!  The main point in giving a guarantee is to express to the client that no matter what comes along, we are in your corner and we'll make things right!

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