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Purchase Agreement

The following is an agreement between CFI DBA/, hereafter referred to as LLB and__________________________________________________hereafter referred to as the Client.

LLB uses top search engine positioning and internet marketing on many of its  websites to pull consumer and/or commercial data off the internet. The data is generally structured in an email form and is sent to the Client containing the agreed upon collection of information germane to the Client campaign such as contact information, phone, email, a request for the legal service or non-legal service that the Client provides, etc.  Upon receipt of a request form from the Client’s campaign, the email form will be emailed to the Client so that the Client can immediately assess the request for services and make direct contact.

All Client leads are original and exclusive in that they cannot be resold to any other party requesting the same type of leads. LLB does not contact the prospective individual or company that requests legal or non-legal services in any way. LLB simply collects or gathers data through our advertising venues and provides the Client with access to such data that was collected as a result of LLB’s marketing efforts.

Nothing is ever offered or promised to any requesting party in order to gain their information via coupons, payment or by any other means. All parties requesting legal or non-legal services provide such information to LLB of their own free will.  

As a Client, your personal or company information is never part of our advertising efforts and there are no links nor any information regarding the Client available to the person requesting such legal or non-legal services. The information collected by LLB is considered confidential and may only be used by the Client that initiated the campaign, for whatever reason they have deem appropriate.   

All data is reviewed as a quality control effort to ensure LLB’s standards regarding the delivery of such information to the Client.  Should the Client receive data collection forms from LLB that are not accurate or are in some way not appropriate for the campaign intended, please return each data collection form to LLB for full credit.

The Client, by way of this agreement agrees to purchase and pay $_________for each valid data collection form received and requests #_______________data collection forms per _______day,  ________ week or  ________ month for a  period of ________3 months, _______6 months or _______ year beginning the date of this agreement until _________________. 

The Client is required to pay for all leads from LLB in advance for all data collection forms to be received from LLB.

If LLB fails to fulfill the requirements of this agreement, then LLB agrees to credit back the unused portion of payment to the client.  

Name on Card  
Type of Card     We accept MC, Visa & AMEX
 Card Number  
Date of Expiration   (MM/YYYY ex: 08/2007)

Date signed ___________________________  Client Name ___________________________________________

Signature of Authorized Representative ____________________________________________________________

Date signed   __________________________

Signature of Authorized Representative LegalLeadsBroker.com_________________________________________


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