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What is a lead? - Simply stated, a lead is a conscious decision by an individual to request information about a product or service someone is selling. The highest quality leads generated on the internet come from opt in lists or website forms that prompt the viewer to request more information, describe their situation, ask a question or comment on the particular product or services being offered. Let us say for example, you are on a website that deals with the selling of gold coins. To the right side of the website page you notice a small form which asks if you are interested in receiving more information on precious metals. You answer "Yes" and fill in the contact information and submit it. The next day you receive an email on the precious metals market and a phone call from a precious metals broker. Summation: You, as the prospective lead, expressed an interest in the service being sold and you were contacted by a vendor to see how deep your interest goes. Some leads like this one work out and some don't, however, the more leads you purchase the greater the potential to increase your company revenue. 

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